Substance Use Services

Do I or a love one have a substance use problem?

Wondering if you or a loved one has a substance use problem is a heavy burden to bear.  Answers are available and it's confidential and always handled with the utmost respect for all parties.  No judgement only compassion and information. 


Assessments sound serious but they are quite simple.  It involves only an interview and maybe a questionnaire. Results are quick and confidential and can be the first step in designing your future.  


Do you have a love one who you think needs help. Already tried yourself to no avail?  At Just a Little Help I will guide you through the process of respectfully sharing your concerns with your love one and hopefully assist in getting treatment set up if needed.  

Levels of Treatment

Abruptly stopping the use of of alcohol and some drugs is sometimes dangerous especially for heavy users and may need to be medically managed.  Levels of treatment vary from impatient to one time a week.  This decision is based on many factors and one should be guided by an expeienced counselor. 

What does treatment look like?

Substance use treatment can range from detox to education and the frequency is determined by the level of care needed and feasible.  Just a Little Help provides 1-3 times a week individual sessions.  Other treatment facilities do offer group and individual sessions. 

Treatment at Just A little Help

Treatment is designed to meet the client where they are.  If you are unsure if you want to stop using substance we start there.  Treatment will always be handled confidentiality and respectfully.  If you choose to stop using treatment will teach you coping skills, relapse prevention and healthy life management skills as well as addressing the underlying reason that lead to substance use.