About The Process

Parenting Training

Parenting is both one of the most rewarding and difficult task you will ever do.  Most parents parent the way they were parented or just use their best judgement.  The problem begins when you feel like your spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. You find yourself yelling, punishing, and threatening only to get the same response day after day. 

With A Little Help... it can get easier!

There are millions of parenting interventions that work. Learning them only means you only need to obtain knowledge and practice essentially Building Your Bag of Tricks!! 

Just imagine less fights, less repeating yourself, less yelling and increased closeness with your children.   It's possible!!!

This is how it works!

With Just A little Help I systematically break down a child's behaviors, assesing the function of the behavior and then teach parents when and how to use new parenting interventions.  It takes practice and tweaking but its well worth it because the outcome leads to better relationships with your children, less stress, and more happiness.